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Hartman submitted ideas through the federal government to have computer users use the Internet to exchange goods information and services online . The previous internet called the Arpanet was not built for Commerce. This she did in 1990 . She later applied for the patent only to find that her prior content had been removed by the Patent Office . Hartman alleges that her ideas were thoroughly reviewed by government workers and that conflicts of interest and gross violations in law were committed to defraud her of her rights .


Since changes to the Internet in 1990 , Billions online now

Today of couse billions of people are online. Before Hartman's contributions , use of the early form of the Internet was limited to the Academic Community , Military , and Wall Street through Dow Jones and MCI Mail . As a disabled minority , Hartman alleges that her rights were steamrolled over and why she is taking this fight to the Courts .


Hartman who is a science teacher and inventor did not invent websites , smartphones , or computers . Nor did the technicians invent the Internet . However she alleges that her ideas led to the other inventions and what has become the digital revolution . Follow her at this blog and find out why ......

The Inventoralleges that justice is long overdue.