Internet , Plagiarized Invention of the 20th Century


African-American inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman says that the “Internet” is the biggest plagiarized idea of the 20th Century

Black female inventor says that the Federal Government plagiarized the “Internet” who some regard as the greatest invention of the 20th Century .

Today’s Internet is not the Internet of yesteryear based on the Arpanet .

A few weeks ago there was a dust up about Trump’s wife alleged plagiarizing of Michele Obama’s speech . There was some discussion of plagiarism especially in the black community as so much has been plagiarized from blacks from soul rhythm and blues to buffalo chicken wings . However it does not stop there , plagiarizing has been around for awhile and those that can get away with it . However , what about plagiarizing whole inventions even great ones ?The following are excerpts of pages taken directly from Dorothy Hartman’s proposals submitted to the federal government in 1990 through its Small Business innovation Research or SBIR programs . New ideas are routinely reviewed by federal government employees but ultimately evaluated by the National Science Foundation when determining the awarding or distribution of funding . Hartman alleges that her ideas as illustrated in these pages of her proposals were plagiarized by the National Science Foundation as it literally stole her ideas to revitalize the NSFNET ( which was a holding placed for the old Internet based on the Arpanet and that had been retired in 1989 ).

She alleges that adapting the retired telecom network for COMMERCIALIZATION based on Hartman’s writings is what produced what was first called the ‘INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY’ and later the ‘INTERNET’. Unlike the prior internet structure which was called the “internetting projects ” because they consisted of a series of mini nets : instinet , bitnet , telenet , and so on – today’s Internet is a seamlessly integrated structure.
These pages taken from Hartman’s proposals to the Benjamin Franklin Technology Center , Pennsylvania Department of Commerce , and the U.S. Small Business Administration represent the core ideas that Hartman alleges were used by the NSF to transform telecom and so changed the world . The federal government continues to suppress her identify and to violate her intellectual property rights . She continues to be unrecognized and uncompensated for her critical contributions 1) Commercialization of telecom and 2) The use of Cyberspace for transactions that changed the face of telecommunications. These concepts revolutionized the telecom industry and are the cornerstones of the modern day Internet . The 4 Hartman documents ( click to enlarge the document) below introduced in 1990 are what put today’s INTERNET in motion and built the trillion dollar Ecommerce and Technology industries . Some redaction was done for privacy :08-15-2016 06;15;31AM08-15-2016 06;23;14AM
08-15-2016 06;35;33AM08-15-2016 06;44;06AM

Hartman alleges that the National Science Foundation plagiarized her ideas to bring the retired telecom structure parked as the NSFNET back to life . With ordinary consumers and businesses engaging on the Internet for the first time and growth began for the industry from there . “And still the monsters have not done right by me , says Hartman. I am owed an award , a prize , honorable mention or something as long as a big fat check accompanies it . Being ignored while my intellectual property rights were simply taken over with no recognition is simply wrong . Her ideas are the reasons why the Internet exists today ” .

This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
This was the invention of Internet 2 , not a telephone or computer , but a business idea .
Graph shows that as the movement of data packets increased with more users , more Internet Providers were needed
Graph shows that as the movement of data packets increased with more users , more Internet Providers were needed

Presidential Candidates Debate Racism in U.S.


Team Member and Race

Computer 003

Even as the ‘corporate approved candidates’ begin to vie and debate for the presidential election in November 2016 , racism practiced against the black American woman who really put technology into motion

Hillary Clinton , the first Woman to be nominated for President of the U.S. as well as Elizabeth Warren a very active Democrat who may be considered as a possible Vice- President debate Donald Trump about Race

A black woman inventor alleges that her claims regarding the invention of Internet 2 have made her a victim of intense racism and discrimination


See Inventor’s testimony before Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences Judges in 2012 here 11003123-11

Dorothy Hartman , a retired Science Teacher , inventor , and founder of ABFY Sellers Group Inc says that her life has been turned into an oppression ‘hell’ . Not only was her patent application for the Accessing Accessibility Method when reduced to practice comprises what is today’s Internet ( invented in 1990 when Hartman’s ideas were applied to the prior telecom network(s) founded by ARPA and pioneered by Vinton and Cerf) – but Hartman alleges that the prior Internet based on the Arpanet was retired in 1989 and parked as the NSFnet . The NSFnet was converted in 1990 into a telecom network that was adapted for commerce . Hartman alleges that the National Science Foundation used her ideas to adapt telecom for Commercialization. Here is a copy of the Accessing Accessibility Abstract found here
AccessingAccessibility Abstract.ApplicationNo.11003123 Although her ideas were thoroughly reviewed by numerous government employees working within the Small Business Innovation Research ( SBIR) Program the National Science Foundation gave credit for her invention to those that had been involved in the Internetting Projects from 1969 through 1989 . Hartman alleges that Internet 2 which debuted around 1993 after Merit Networks and IBM had made changes to NSFnet using Hartman’s model of COMMERCIALIZING TELECOMMUNICATIONS which from its initial installment has revolutionized telecommunications and the way the world does business and is the only Internet known and used by the public . The Internet 2 after Commercialization was added and was first nicknamed by Al Gore as the Information Superhighway became a huge success and is continuing to expand today . While the presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump argue about Racism , Hartman says that she is living it and its toxic and destructive effects and influence .

Although Hartman’s contributions were the most cerebral using creative and intuitive thought to suggest the use of cyberspace as an alternative marketplace – they were the most significant as the Internet would not exist without them . Many within the technology field itself still do not understand how the Internet works . A patent application should never have been necessary. The government knows that she was the originator of these ideas . However patented or not the intellectual property is hers . Yet she has been left out and more than that retaliated against with discriminatory treatment because of speaking out about it. Although her inventions contribute trillions of dollars into the economy as other inventions have been stolen through fraud in the USPTO – she is never compensated but robbed of her property both real and intellectual. The Internet even enables internet innovations by others – she is being left without credit or compensation – essentially treated like a slave .Hartman not only was denied her patent application for the Internet – she says based on pure racism and oppression after the government realized the wealth potential of the new Internet but also claims that her home purchased with 30 years of science teaching is being fraudulently foreclosed upon by local bigots and frauds in Philadelphia acting upon the injustice being handed down by the Barack Obama administration .

The Obama administration , Hartman alleges sacrificed her civil and constitutional rights regarding her intellectual property to the lobbying of huge Internet Corporations that have grown rich and powerful because of the new Internet based on Hartman’s model that enables the use of Cyberspace . Hartman alleges the tech geniuses who were selling computers , inventing mobile phones and writing codes out of their garages and apartments became vastly rich after the Accessing Accessibility method was adopted leading to the sales of their products to billions of customers . The billions of customers and the expansiveness of the Internet is the results of Hartman’s creativity and what enabled ecommerce and technology to become rich . The thanks to her as a result of institutionalized racism and oppression due to the wealth of the Internet has thus far been slander , libel , fraud and court cases resulting in unfair and unjust court rulings . She is hoping to reach out to the present administration through legal representation to request that the immense injustice done to her be undone .



The Inventor filed a case in Federal Court in Philadelphia , Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon, City of Philadelphia, Prudential Realtors et al alleging Fraud , Racial and Disability Discrimination , Vandalism and other Counts . The Federal Judge Paul S. Diamond has closed the case .

The Inventor alleges that her civil and constitutional rights are being violated both by the State Court and Federal Court in allowing a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure on her home , with a Sheriff’s Sale scheduled for next month . The inventor alleges that since purchasing property in the older , historical section of Philadelphia that now holds a number of tourist attractions that she has been victimized by racist realtors .

Further she alleges that she has been victimized by municipal corruption and racist court rulings by the Courts that are supportive of the perpetrators . The abuses began in 1994 when she purchased a condominium on the reknown South Street and was subjected to fraud in the purchase , racial epithets and negligence by the Condominium Board in the upkeep of her condo unit . This led to her having to file a lawsuit against the board members who were a realtor , secretary of the Civil Service Commission , and a police captain . Even though the charges were serious , they were treated very leniently by the judges some of whom were their friends . They were dismissed with a wrist slap. She sold the condo and purchased her current home in the same area where she alleges that she has never been able to enjoy the peace of her own home because of harassment by what is a ring of realtors and their symbiotic friends in city government .

From beginning to end she chronicles a history of abuse including reports to the police who did nothing . Nor was anything done in response to her complaints to agencies such as HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and the PHRC ( Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission ). She therefore started reporting to federal agencies including the Comptroller of the Currency and the U.S. Justice Department [ which took no action especially as she had already filed complaints against the government for the theft of her intellectual property ]. However the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency received her complaints and built an archive of her documents . In spite of a history of gross abuses including vandalism of her house and her automobiles – the federal judge Paul S. Diamond who is trending because of his rulings in the following cases Judge rejects immigration case. and Plaintiffs appeal Thalidomide case The Judge threw her case out of court and remanded what she alleges is a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure case back to state court . She alleges that he ignored evidence that the case which includes the fraudulent mortgage foreclosure and other violations belongs in federal court. In State Court it was then forced through “kangaroo court style” with the judges following the misapplication of law by the federal judge and ignoring evidence that a change of venue was appropriate and that the federal court was the proper jurisdiction.

The inventor alleges that the entire experience is one of injustice where even the court rulings have been based on misapplication of law , perjury and the suborning of perjury by court officers , and the delay or denial of Appeals by both the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania , and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals .

The Inventor alleges that it is just another example of the blatant violation of her civil and constitutional rights while the world watches so to speak , a public lynching of an “uppity female nigra” . Their interpretation of her character after she demanded that the federal government acknowledge her intellectual contributions to the Internet and she alleges that she was defrauded of her rights by the USPTO and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals affirmation of the patent office decision .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 The case blotted out in mainstream media just as the case regarding the application for patent of the internet was blotted out in the media and masked by the smokescreen of Net Neutrality and Free and Open Internet .

She is neither uppity nor arrogant , just a gifted African-American woman who has used her gifts to help others and been exploited by the powerful , oppressive , and greedy because of the value of her inventions. Thus even taking her home purchased with her 30 years of employment for no reasons other than racial hatred , oppression , and envy of her achievements . Her home is being confiscated for a lot of reasons – hatred against her , protection of others because of their ethnicity and retaliation . Acts and rulings based on Institutionalized Racism . The true perpetrators of crimes against her city employees and realtors with ties to government and the courts- their crimes are being swept under the rug by the continued exploitation of a black disabled woman . How is she guilty of crimes caused by others and swept under the rug by prejudicial rulings? This is the epitome of racism . According to law the proper venue of this case is Federal Court not State Court .

Home before Vandalism
Home before Vandalism
Copy (2) of DSCN0142inventor's home after vandalism

The inventor demands a jury trial because she deserves her day in court . The city of Philadelphia and the world have a right to know what those crimes were and who the true perpetrators are . Hartman alleges that she lived always in peace with her neighbors inside of her own home – paying her mortgage from automatic deductions from her bank account . Had the destruction of her home being caused by an act of God or nature or the foreclosure valid , she would not be as upset . THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY HER HOME SHOULD HAVE BEEN VANDALIZED AND FORECLOSED UPON . THIS IS DUE TO BIGOTS AND CRIMINALS ACTING OUT THEIR OWN HATRED AND ENVY AND A JUDGE ALLOWING THEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE OF HIS OWN POLITICAL INTERESTS .

“Therefore I want my day in court so that I can get my home and my life back . I worked too hard . I do not nor have I ever deserved this. This kind of blatant racism and injustice should not be allowed- especially by our Courts who are supposed to protect the rights of all .”

05-21-2015 05;59;26PM

Who is the true Inventor of the Internet ?


The article highlighted below can be found here Who really , really invented the Internet ?

[The Internet ranks somewhere between fire and sliced bread on the world’s list of greatest inventions. But despite being a fairly recent invention, its exact origin remains a point of dispute. Recently, writers from The Wall Street Journal and Scientific American weighed in on the issue, drawing comments from Google’s own Internet forefather Vint Cerf.

Just Ask Al


Who Controls the Internet?
Who Runs the Internet? (Infographic)
The History of the Internet (Infographic)

Al Gore famously blundered his way through a CNN interview in which he stated, “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.”

His statement was, most likely, just a poor choice a words. While it sounds like Gore was trying to say that he partially supported the creation of the Internet through legislation along with many others, he did say the words: “I took the initiative in creating the Internet,” leaving himself the option to take credit if anyone wanted to give it to him. It is generally agreed that Gore is not personally responsible for single-handedly creating the Internet, but he may have played at least a partial role in fostering its creation through federal legislation. And many people believe that the federal government essentially created the Internet through research and legislation.

Private Enterprise Is Responsible

But the government did not create the Internet, L. Gordon Crovitz wrote in a recent op-ed for The Wall Street Journal. The government envisioned a World Wide Web as early as the 1940s and went on to develop the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). However, that network did not lead to the Internet we have today, Crovitz wrote.

Crovitz contends it was Xerox that invented the Internet, though the company wasn’t quite sure what it had. Xerox used its computer networks to share copiers, because that was the company’s business, but that’s where the idea stopped. When Steve Jobs visited Xerox in 1979 to borrow some ideas, he may have seen something bigger. “They just had no idea what they had,” Jobs said.

The government had many of today’s Internet’s integral pieces, such as TCP/IP, but never put them together, Crovitz wrote. It was ultimately private enterprise that made the connections to create the Internet we have today, Crovitz wrote – government just needed to get out of the way.

A Misunderstanding

Actually, the government did invent the Internet and Crovitz doesn’t really understand what he’s talking about, according to a Scientific American rebuttal written by Michael Moyer. No private company could have accomplished such a huge undertaking as the Internet, he wrote.

Crovitz is confused about technology, Moyer wrote. Just because Xerox invented Ethernet, doesn’t mean it also invented “the” Internet – it didn’t, Moyer wrote. Connecting several computers together isn’t the same thing as a worldwide computer network. Robert Metcalfe, a researcher at Xerox PARC who co-invented the Ethernet protocol, jokingly referenced the idea on July 23 in a tweet that read, “Is it possible I invented the whole damn Internet?”

“The most important part of what we now know of as the Internet is the TCP/IP protocol, which was invented by Vincent Cerf [sic] and Robert Kahn,” Moyer wrote. “Crovitz mentions TCP/IP, but only in passing, calling it (correctly) ‘the Internet’s backbone.’ He fails to mention that Cerf and Kahn developed TCP/IP while working on a government grant.”

Moyer also pointed out that several others criticized Crovitz for his misunderstandings, perhaps most notably the author of Dealers of Lightning, a history of Xerox PARC that Crovitz used as his main source of material. “While I’m gratified in a sense that he cites my book,” Michael Hiltzik wrote, “it’s my duty to point out that he’s wrong. My book bolsters, not contradicts, the argument that the Internet had its roots in the ARPANET, a government project.”

Actually, I Invented the Internet

In a recent interview published by CNET, Cerf, one of the creators of the TCP/IP protocol, responded to Crovitz’s piece, rejecting most his ideas, which he characterized as a “revisionist interpretation.”

The Internet did start with the ARPANET project and the federal government directly funded the creation of the Internet we know today, Cerf wrote. And Xerox deserves credit for great work, Cerf wrote, including creation of the Ethernet protocol, the ALTO personal computer, the Xerox Network System and PARC Universal Packet. “XEROX did link homogenous Ethernets together but the internetworking method did not scale particularly well,” Cerf wrote.

Ultimately, it was the work of researchers around the world from dozens of organizations that created the Internet. “After our initial paper was published, detailed design was conducted at Stanford during 1974 and implementation started in 1975 at Stanford, BBN and University College London. After that, a number of other institutions, notably MIT, SRI, ISI, UCLA, NDRE, engaged heavily in the work,” Cerf wrote.

As for Crovitz’s declaration that the TCP/IP protocol languished for decades in the hands of government, only to be set free by private enterprise, Cerf responded, “I would happily fertilize my tomatoes with Crovitz’s assertion.” ]

The Inventor reflects on articles like this one and what has become known as the history of the Internet and makes no mention of her proposals submitted to the Federal Government in 1990 Inventor’s proposal to gov. in 1990

” My experiences and concepts regarding what happened is that the Internet as the Arpanet languished and was parked as the NSFNET in 1989 . That Internet represented here no longer exists .Internet-1987 The modern day Internet first called the Information Superhighway was conceived as a result of my ideas . After my proposals were submitted to the Federal Government – my first contact through SBA ( Small Business Development Centers ) as early as late 1989 . By March 1990 I had submitted my first proposal to the Small Business Administration which was the first agency to review it and share it with the National Science Foundation which reviewed all proposals submitted through these SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Program ) . I submitted similar proposals to other agencies in the program ). After my correspondence with Frank Campo shown here dated November 13 , 1990 – it was not long before the announcement was made that the Internet would adapt to Commercialization or become Privatized.05-21-2015 05;50;58PM05-21-2015 05;59;26PM05-21-2015 05;31;48PM05-21-2015 05;39;19PM

That is when the real Internet ( the one we recognize as being the Internet ) came into being . So I would have to agree with the Crovitz’s comments above “that the TCP/IP protocol languished for decades in the hands of the government , only to be set free by private enterprise .” Except that I would add that the liberation was the direct response of the National Science Foundation to my proposals submitted through the SBIR program . The ideas were too good to ignore . When the telecom networks were adapted for Commerce because of my ideas on using cyberspace for transactions – and giving access to businesses and customers to engage with other directly . It was my ideas on Accessing Accessibility that when they were reduced to practice that comprise what is known today as the Internet and is radically different from the telecom networks that existed before . So when it comes to Who Really Invented the Internet ? – the answer to that is that I am its inventor or at the very least a co- inventor . My rights as an inventor continue to be overlooked by the government because of greed and intentional discrimination with all credit given to those who were already in the field . Technology may have built it , government funded it – but it was my ideas that created it so I am its inventor .” – D. Hartman

Read more of this hidden story here …..

Pa. Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias in Pa. Justice System

Inventor Claims Home Was Illegally Confiscated


A fraudulent mortgage foreclosure which from start to finish was a racial attack carried out by bigots involved in real estate fraud and gentrification was instituted and carried out by blatant disregard for both state and federal law both by law enforcement and law administration says the Inventor .

Continued injustice to the Black Inventor who claims that she invented Internet 2

The inventor who did absolutely nothing wrong that she should lose her home says that after filing lawsuits against heavyweight VIP’s with ties to Philadelphia City government and the courts that she was targeted for slandering , harassment, and bullying . Following that her home and automobiles were vandalized. She sued a Realtor , Secretary of the Philadelphia Civil Service Commission and an attorney , and Captain of a Police District for Violation of Fair Trade Practices and Racial Discrimination in their capacity as members of a condominium association board . These people were the board of directors for the condominium association where she purchased a condo . She says that the board members were dismissed from any serious charges by lenient judge(s) – one of whom addressed the Secretary and apologized for him having to come to court – causing her to prevail on a minor charge only.

Since that time and the realization of her going public in 1994 about what she alleges are her contributions to Internet 2 which made its debut in 1990’s , she alleges that besides destroying her private property she has been slandered and libeled. In spite of the fact that the Inventor wrote to several federal agencies referencing the abusive treatment that she was being subjected to by city agencies ( mostly utilities ) within the Civil Service Commission which she alleges some were involved in real estate fraud including HUD and the Comptroller of the Currency – nothing was done to the individuals carrying out the vandalism and extortion of money in bill overpayments.

After city reporting agencies colluded with banks presenting false and scandalous information on her loan application documents to deny her refinancing on her home loan in 2008 , she approached several law administrative agencies including HUD , Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and Governor Corbett’s Office on Consumer Affairs. Nothing was done . Besides being ridiculed and discredited as being the inventor of Internet 2 , it appears another reason for her being denied justice or even law enforcement action against what are high level criminals with ties to city government and the courts was the fact that she had participated in a Commission Report from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Racial and Gender Bias in its Justice System . She was asked to participate by a black , female judge to provide her experiences within the court which ran from interruption of due process to ignoring subpoenas of the defendant(s) to come to court and she provided information for the report . Above is an image of that 1999 report .

Pennsylvania has been the subject of several justice scandals including Mumia Abu- Jamal whom some consider a political prisoner , the bombing of MOVE a commune of African-Americans in Philadelphia the only known bombing of its own citizens within a city , Kathleen Cane who released racist and pornographic emails circulated among prosecutors and Supreme Court Justices , and until recently after a few thousand were released known as the state with the highest number of Black incarcerations. Public education has not had an approved budget for two years in a row and some students , mostly black reportedly have no schools to attend.

What is an illegal taking of the inventor’s home and the ruining of her name and financial reputation has been carried out in a toxic and systemic way ever since 1994 when she purchased real estate in a very competitive area of town where a considerable number of the perpetrators live . Vigorous gentrification is being carried out and the Inventor claims that the vandalistic attacks on her home and automobiles which were allowed to continue which the police district ( the one over which the Captain mentioned in the lawsuit , treasurer of the condominium association had served ) did absolutely nothing about. She alleges that this and resentment toward her for being a highly educated articulate woman made her a target of hate attacks by racist realtors having a symbiotic relationship with city employees . The destruction of her home as well as slanderous and libelous information furnished to the bank by city reporting agencies to deny her refinancing on mortgage(s) with rates as high as 7.25% is what led to her problems .

Home before Vandalism
Home before Vandalism

The Inventor had maintained a 705 credit rating even after being denied the opportunity to refinance by renting her property out . She alleges ” the racist thugs conspired to have a convicted felon come in trash the home and rob the tenants . This created an 8,000+ interruption in income which caused me to default . Even so within 4 months when I was only in arrears $7111 – the bank would not allow me the opportunity to repair the default . It prevented me from any relief and because of extreme damages and much needed repairs made it difficult to deal with other lenders .”

Inventor Home After Vandalism

The Inventor filed in federal court because of the violations to both her civil and constitutional rights . The federal judge on the case failed to take into account evidence that the Inventor’s civil and constitutional rights are and have been violated . The Inventor alleges that he improperly remanded the case back to State Court and that she has been placed in position of having to fight the portions of the same case in both courts while the federal judge has dismissed all charges against the perpetrators . The inventor has appealed the case in both courts , as it is in State Court that the bank has been allowed to seize her property because evidence is being either ignored and/or withheld in both courts that the case belongs under the jurisdiction of the federal court . The inventor has appealed in both courts and she avows that she deserves her day in court . Thus far the case has been blacked out of mainstream media as were the cases relating to her intellectual property – so that these abuses to her continue under the radar . “Because of institutionalized racism , and the failure by the federal government to credit me for my contributions to the country – giving credit and compensation to others – I am being made a scapegoat by racist criminals and oppression . I am being demonized while the perpetrators are not being held accountable . These are not the worst of their crimes against me but the federal judge dismissed them all- essentially allowing the banks to default on responding to their issued summons to court .”Federal Judge dismisses all charges

For those of you with access to or you can be for a small fee , you can view the process of these particular cases . Right now the inventor is awaiting the opportunity to appeal while the illegal mortgage foreclosure is still being allowed to continue with her home to go up on Sheriff’s sale .You may view both cases on line , the State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman 120202759 . The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909 in the District or Federal Court in Philadelphia is Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al . An appeal was filed in Superior Court to challenge the illegal mortgage foreclosure in State Court , Superior Court case no. 3157 EDA 2015 denied an appeal . A Petition for the Allowance of an Appeal was filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on Feb. 3, 2015, Case No. 45 EAL 2016 and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals , a Notice of Appeal was filed with them shortly after the Federal Judges 20 page Order issued on Oct. 20 , 2015 Case No.15-1318.

The Motions entered by the inventor , Dorothy Hartman give some semblance of the narrative of events surrounding the case . The inventor alleges that these are criminal acts that thus far do not seem to be addressed by the courts . The case although rife with everything from perjury and misapplication of law by officers of the court including elimination and ignoring of evidence is thus far awaiting to be approved for appeal – not even on appeal yet while her home has been listed for a Sheriff Sale .

“This is nothing but the destruction of my home and finances in retaliation against me for standing up for my rights . A public lynching based on illegal actions by big shots with ties to the government and courts and based on nothing except racism , hatred , and oppression carried out by misapplication of the law. I have done absolutely nothing wrong that I should lose my legally purchased home . I am being railroaded and treated for dissent in standing up for my own property rights while the perpetrators- high collar criminals apparently above the law are being coddled. This might as well be Palestine as far as the rights of black people are concerned. Whereas injustice for blacks continues – I want and deserve my day in Court . I am still hopeful for justice.”

Cover Sheet of Patent Application 11003123

First to Invent , First to File


Internet innovation has never been so good as it now accommodating billions from all over the world , but its true inventor Dorothy M. Hartman suffers injustice and abuse.

The woman who alleges that she is the mind behind this creation which now consists of vast amounts of cyberspace – used by technology and innovation enabling corporations to make billions of dollars has not fared so well

Internet innovation
now produces tens of thousands of new websites launched every day. but when and where did the innovation start

Websites that vary from small business startups to educational programs , news , music , entertainment , more
technology and innovation have sprung up since the debut of the Internet 2 and have been springing up since 1995 – but the true internet inventor has not been credited or compensated . This fantastic phenomenon which we refer to did have a beginning . The woman whose creative ideas served as the catalyst for the Internet which appeared in 1990-1991 and is now known around the world has been left out of Internet innovation and history . It was Hartman’s ideas on internet innovation which led to the wave of technology and innovation which has run for the past 25 years – yet this inventor suffers a huge injustice .

Not only has this inventor not been compensated in any way for her ideas that have contributed even to nasdaq innovation as the economy of the entire country has grown because of ideas that she alleges were brought to the federal government by her in its Small Business Innovation Research Program(s). This set the ever expanding Internet into motion .The seamless structure contributed to by the ideas of this inventor which results in waves of cyberspace transmitting different kinds of transactions simultaneously all over the world has not been associated with her at all . The credit for the Internet has been given to the federal government and to those that were associated with the prior Internet structure called the Arpanet and smaller nets adjunct to it like the Telenet , Downet , Milnet , and others .800px-Arpanet_logical_map,_march_1977Internet-1987

The government is keeping mum about it because it has declared itself by default to be the originator of this new Internet – which began in this country but starting with NAFTA and other international trade agreements has been propagated all over the world . The Inventor alleges that the government provided the funding but the ideas came from her . She has not been attributed a dime of compensation nor any recognition . Contrarily she is suffering abuse and damages .11003123-2SignatureRemoved

She says that those who were struggling to innovate from their apartments and garages limited by the telecom structure before 1990 which some today still refer to as the Internet 1 or “internetting projects” have been given the credit and allowed to prosper while she has suffered defamation and pecuniary loss . Responsible for this is the government’s illegal confiscation of her intellectual property while violating her property rights without righting the situation. The inventor alleges the usual motivations : institutionalized racism , oppression , greed , and arrogance as she is African-American and disabled . ” Ironically the huge success of the Internet and huge fortunes of wealth and power that it has produced are the reasons why I am being intentionally discriminated against . My interest is in Justice . This administration has not been helpful. I deserve that , says Hartman . I don’t look to rule over the Internet . I have always been a quiet and private person . However it is one of the most prolific inventions of all time . I deserve commendation and compensation .Accessing Accessibility Patent Application

Her Patent Application #11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process – the process she alleges ushered in today’s modern Internet is a business method which showed how to meld business to technology in a seamlessly integrated structure built from a network of computers and modems or phones being linked by Internet Service Providers . Adding more communicable devices be it computers , modems or phones can be done using this simple , almost elementary model introduced by Hartman thereby giving the Internet the ability to grow and expand.

The models and ideas submitted to the federal government by Hartman account for the reasons why the Internet is both flexible and expansive. The reduction of her business method , Accessing Accessibility to practice created a virtual cyberspace between the devices in which billions of virtual interactions can occur . Her simplified structures or figures taught how the communicable devices can be linked via internet service providers presenting an integrated unit capable of tremendous expansion . This is a different model from the rather rigid and complex structures that were created in earlier forms of the telecom structure which were based on the Arpanet . Although her invention has circulated trillions of dollars through this economy and throughout the world producing more jobs and innovation than any other invention in history – she alleges that the federal government is still disrespecting her and her contributions by violating her civil and constitutional rights .

The Internet nicknamed the Information Superhighway was first introduced in 1993 and was so new that users had to be taught how to navigate it as it was structurally and functionally different from the Internet based on the Arpanet that existed before 1990 .

The Inventor has filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus with the U.S. Supreme Court asking that a Writ issue to force the United States Patent and Trademark Office to obey what are the current laws of the land in referencing the issue of patents . At the very least , the inventor is hoping that she will be properly compensated for her intellectual contributions which have enhanced this nation as justice has been too long delayed . Indeed this invention which some hail as the greatest of the 20th Century is unprecedented and has revolutionized the way that the world does business . An update to this article is that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled to uphold the Decision by the U.S. Federal Appeals Court found here The Inventor will continue to seek what she alleges is a huge injustice as the trillions of dollars in Nasdaq innovation were produced as a result of her innovative ideas.

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Above is a Writ of Certiorari submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court asking it to reopen the decision by the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals denying her patent application for the Accessing Accessibility Process which the inventor alleges when reduced to practice comprises what we know as the modern day Internet . The Writ was denied by the court in November , 2014 Federal Circuit Ct. of Appeals decision here to affirm Patent Office Decision 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

While all of this legal maneuvering was blacked out of mainstream media and the public discussion or smokescreen was the so called – “keeping the Internet free-and- open ” and ” Net Neutrality .” The debate was a distraction carried out by lobbying of major internet corporations lobbying the government since Hartman had filed her application in 2004 . The application was held for 8 years while the government alleges Hartman found a way to get around the awarding of a patent . The Inventor wrote the process for use by businesses and consumers so it has always been Hartman’s Accessing Accessibility Proposal to Federal Government an open Internet . Her complaint is that she alleges that not only was the patent application denied but the government has failed to recognize or compensate her for the use of her intellectual property . Especially now that it has been declared a Public Utility . President Obama and the federal government have failed to declare Eminent Domain or in any manner recognize or compensate the inventor .

The Court decisions do not deny her ownership of the intellectual property just the denial of the granting of a patent . So the inventor has not ruled out further legal action if the government continues to ignore her property rights .

In addition to being placed in a position of disrespect and violation of the inventor’s civil and constitutional rights to equal access under the law by the federal government , the inventor continues to be subjected locally to injustice . She alleges that her property including home and automobiles have been vandalized and that she has been subjected to discrimination and fraud Racism in Pennsylvania Courts. This has led to a “fraudulent mortgage foreclosure aided and abetted by rulings of a federal judge”. The inventor is appealing what she alleges is wholesale assault on her civil and constitutional rights . She alleges that it is injustice that is related to rulings based on institutionalized racism and holding back the advancement of colored people .

The Inventor is supporting Bernie Sanders in the upcoming presidential elections as she hopes for a departure from the overwhelmingly toxic and corrosive government politics that have backed corporations and the build up of millionaires and billionaires . The country has become a nation of oligarchs while going backwards when it comes to the welfare of middle class working Americans . The inventor is both furious and heartbroken that the first Black president turned his back on her plight as an African American inventor with the most prolific invention of the 20th century .

She feels that she should never have been treated in the manner in which she is being treated – having done everything to contribute to the welfare of others as well as herself . However her civil right and constitutional rights have been run over by greed , racism and oppression being practiced by many who have profited from her intellectual property . It is an outrage and being practiced under the radar by a deliberate blackout in the national media .

Evidence of fraud and evidence within the patent office itself was not considered . Just as rules of evidence and facts of the law were ignored she alleges by the federal judge that has allowed banks that deliberately set up the fraudulent mortgage foreclosure to proceed with it in order to take her home and continue to denigrate and try to “criminalize” her for having the audacity to stand up for her own intellectual property . ” Ironically ” , says the inventor , ” the success of the Internet and the riches that it has amassed for some is the reason why I an African-American female inventor is being persecuted . The world is so upside down , new leadership is needed here and in other countries . Jobs and a decent standard of living are needed for nations to be maintained .”

"Public schools can reach the many and we need to save them " - Science Teacher and Inventor .

Public Education : Black Internet Inventor


The ideas for the Internet resulted from a public school education

I attended public school and worked in public education participating from both ends , says Inventor

The inventor who worked in public education for over 24 years comments on the debate raging regarding public schools vs. charter schools. Public education with whatever funding problems may have plagued it presented an opportunity for the vast majority of students to pursue their goals if they desired to do so. “Beware of the carrot-stick approach being offered by the glitter of charter schools or the attempt at privatizing , warns Hartman . We know from experience that often social programs like education , health care , environmental protections and others once privatized end up on the stock market where dollars become the standard of success and not the investment in the welfare of the students .”

The concept of charter schools appears to be a good one in offering some students the opportunity to be exposed to materials , conditions , and hopefully teachers that can help them grow and improve . The problem is the actual number of students that are able to attend these specialized schools is actually small in number compared to the population- leaving the majority of children behind . That should be unacceptable in a nation like the United States which because of the oligarchy and the regressive policies directed towards minorities for the past 30 years is vastly falling behind excellence in education as compared to other nations .

The carrot-stick approach for those of you old enough to remember is like sticking a carrot in front of the nose of a mule to get him to move and at the same time hitting him from the rear with a stick . Charter schools were the bait to start stripping funding from public schools under the illusion that because some students would be getting perhaps a better education – but this was at the expense of those left behind . Of course , the numbers do not add up even at one point creating a lottery to have families compete for the opportunity to get their students into a charter school .

That carrot approach offering ‘charter schools’ in order to improve education is steadily stripping and thus eliminating public schools . This will leave the majority of students which are mostly black , hispanic , and poor whites in desperately inadequate schools . Public education could be phased out all together . Remember that specialty schools were a part of public education . There were high performing magnet schools and other special programs that could be attended by academically bound students . Vocational and technical schools were also available to those students who chose career and skill oriented schools .

Inventor's work as a Science Instructor in Temple University Bio-Medical Sciences Program
Inventor’s work as a Science Instructor in Temple University Bio-Medical Sciences Program
A program at Temple University designed for inner city students
A program at Temple University designed for inner city students


Mostly minority students chosen for their aptitude in science and interest in medicine
Mostly minority students chosen for their aptitude in science and interest in medicine
"They were chosen for their interest and worked well in 3 hr. labs."
“They were chosen for their interest and worked well in 3 hr. labs.”
They had not yet distinguished themselves as scholars ........
They had not yet distinguished themselves as scholars ……..
but my bet is anyone of them could be , a scientist , an engineer , a leader of tomorrow.
but my bet is anyone of them could be , a scientist , an engineer , a leader of tomorrow “.

The ideas on which the modern day Internet was created and expands all over the world were introduced by a public school educated black woman . Those who have profited from the Internet and Telecommunications related industry would now like to take opportunity away from public education and extend it to more privatization for feeding dollars into industries rather than putting sound ideas and excellence which improves our standard of living .Gates Foundation Help or Hindrance ? Public education and affirmative action are worth keeping and shame on policies that seek to hold back the advancement of our youth , whatever their color or gender .

The students in the photos to the left were ordinary junior and senior high school students who were chosen for their interest in medical field and or their aptitude for science . They were not necessarily scholars or discipline problems but the program was well attended and the students were very much involved in what they were doing . Although carried out on a college campus which in itself can be intimidating , one hour lecture and three hours laboratory in biological science – the students worked diligently .

“We should not throw the baby out with the bath water” , says the inventor . It is possible in a nation and economy this size to make the necessary adjustments to hold onto those institutions which built a great nation that at one time was envied by the entire world. Maintaining our public schools , repairing the country’s infrastructure , adding “greening” jobs to conserve the environment , a single payer health care system are ways back to providing millions of jobs .

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Intellectual Property and Race


“Good Ideas always look up.”

” My ideas were the beginning of the Internet ” , says African-American Internet Inventor

The Federal Government communicated with me for 3 years starting in 1990 and reviewed my proposals for commercializing the telecom industry thoroughly. Now tries to act as though they do not know who I am

I contributed valuable internet intellectual property but because of institutionalized racism , the oppressors are trying to take everything from me – even my house. I am appealing that .

See some of the Talk Shoppe Inc. documents here for communication between myself and government employees for what at the time were novel ideas . here Talk Shoppe Docs

"I was there from the beginning' - Inventor
“I was there from the beginning’ – Inventor

“Now the government acts as though it does not know who I am when my proposals were reviewed by numerous federal government employees through the Small Business Administration and other agencies in the SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research Program ) “. The head agency being the National Science Foundation which determined who and how the grants were doled out .

They came up with all kinds of reasons as to why they could not fund my start up in telecommunications services , Talk Shoppe Inc. (Read Talk Shoppe Docs above) . They even found a way to deny me funding through the Handicapped Assistance Program – citing one of the reasons as I was not sick enough . There was not enough new technology proposed , etc. , etc. However they had no problems in stealing my ideas on putting ordinary consumers and businesses online plus simplifying the networks to an integrative system – accessible by one logon . Previously more than one logon was required to sign on to the Arpanet ( the previous version of the Internet ). The modern day Internet was invented by a black female internet inventor .

Logging into the Telenet and the Downet in 1989 required multiple logons.
Logging into the Telenet and the Downet in 1989
required multiple logons.

I gave the U.S. government the greatest invention in the world which it has credited to itself and inventors and corporations that were already in the Telecom industry making them super rich . This while I continue to suffer Discrimination , Oppression , and the most virulent form of Racism . On top of the fraud practiced in the Patent Office , and aided by this administration – the racists and bigots have taken my house ( that is being appealed ). They are acting as though Civil Rights Laws were never entered on the books and that it is all right to take what belongs to me and call it theirs or crediting others without acknowledging or compensating me .

I always knew the scope and potential scope of the invention and at one time wanted to share with the country the idea of an invention which I knew would spur the economy . However the arrogant ” Exceptionals” and ” Superiors ” now use their riches , success , and might to continue to oppress me which explains why after 25 years I have not been able to successfully launch my business . What limited resources I have , I have had to spend in endless litigation trying to protect my property both real and intellectual . It’s heartache and a struggle for me and disgrace and decline for a nation that is going backwards . ” – D. M. Hartman

Breaking other peoples' dreams could break your dollars  - the Inventor
Breaking other peoples’ dreams could break your dollars – the Internet Inventor

Independence Hall

Judge Dismisses All Claims for Damages to Inventor


” The bigots have torn up my life and my home under the permission of a federal judge

I blame the U.S. government for this and Judges ruling on ethnicity to protect those who deem themselves “above the law” from accountability

The government placed me in this position by disrespecting my IP rights and trying to discredit me regarding my own intellectual property . The case in Philadelphia I would have won had it been allowed to proceed to a jury trial – which is precisely why I believe the judge dismissed the case exactly when the bank(s) were due to respond to a summons which had been issued on my behalf in federal court .

Blatant perjury , and out an out lies as shown by the Record of the case(s) were profusely used to allow a Kangaroo Court in State Court to confiscate my home when I had been paying my mortgage by automatic deduction from my bank account and had a 705 credit rating . The justice system in America is rife with activist judges ruling on ethnicity to protect them and their cronies while dispensing injustice to African- Americans affirmed by a racist justice system . The federal judge in Philadelphia who was supposed to administrate the matter today dropped the case pending in federal court detailing abuse that I have suffered for the past 15 years from racists and a ring of criminals dealing in real estate fraud in a tourist area. Dropping the case on a 16- page order filled with the same erroneous information , throwing out and disregarding evidence and potential witnesses but allowing the illegal confiscation of my home for damages of $331,999.95 – ruling on nepotism protecting cronies and political interests from accountability. The tacit agreement being as long as this injustice is done to a person of dark skin that this is somehow righteous and acceptable behavior . These acts are reprehensible to me because they negate my loss and suffering . They echo slavery and the belief that black people should own nothing .

The most egregious abuses that have been caused to me by the federal government’s theft of my intellectual property has been the abuse to me and the vandalism and damage to me and my property in the city of Philadelphia . After purchasing a home in the Philadelphia area in which there has been a great deal of gentrification in neighborhoods within especially the past 5 or 10 years – I encountered virulent racism and fraud in the purchase of not one but two homes. I previously filed a lawsuit against VIP’s in city government for the treatment and fraud in a prior purchase . They were dismissed with a wrist slap . I bought another home in the same area of South Philadelphia near Penn’s Landing and encountered even worse racism and fraud because the racists and criminals are coddled and not held accountable . Philadelphia is an interesting city and has a lot to offer . However , here even after 400 years and supposedly where it all began – attitudes need to change towards Black People .

For those of you who have Pacer.Gov and Pacer is available to anyone for a small fee ( fee is charged according to the number of documents one views ) – you may view both cases online . The State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is 120202759 . The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909 in the District or Federal Court in Eastern Pa. located in Philadelphia .[The Inventor is appealing the matter in the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit , Case No. 15-1318 ,

Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon et al and in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania Case No.3157 EDA 2015

    Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman edited December 31 ,2015 ]

    Independence Hall
    Independence Hall

    After moving into a tourist area near the infamous “South Street” and “Penns Landing ” on 5th ( blocks south of Independence Hall) The inventor alleges that she encountered a virulent racist real estate fraud ring with ties to the government and the courts . After purchasing a condominium – she alleges that she was defrauded , her condo not maintained , and assaulted with racial epithets . She filed lawsuits against the condominium board which consisted of the Secretary for the Civil Service Commission for the City of Philadelphia, the Realtor who owned the entire condominium complex , and a police captain for the 3rd district. inventor alleges that she became a lightning rod for retaliation . Especially once they learned that she had claimed that she was the inventor who was involved in the invention of the modern day Internet . This resulted in what the inventor alleges is 15 years of abuse of her , her name , and property. The inventor filed a $13,000,000 lawsuit which she says she would have won if a jury had been allowed to hear the case . As egregious and outrageous as the case is- a federal judge who has disqualified himself according to federal laws and statutes regulating the behavior of judges- has thrown the case out of court .Copy (2) of DSCN0142

    Home before Vandalism
    Home before Vandalism

    inventor's home after vandalism

    The federal judge who has thrown out all of the evidence in the case and preventing any potential witnesses from coming in dismissed the perpetrators from all accountability releasing a 16-page order . The inventor alleges the order is filled with erroneous information . One would have to read her Motions as to the truth of why she brought charges . View the cases at because the inventor says that because she had been proceeding Pro Se – that allowances were made in the federal docket to allow the case to be perjured and manipulated in such a way as to violate the inventor’s right to Free Speech .

    View the cases for a civics lesson on how and why injustice in the courts is prevalent when it comes to the rights of African – Americans . is available to anyone for a small fee ( fee is charged according to the number of documents one views ) . You may view both cases on line , the State Case is in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and the Case number is Bank of New York mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman 120202759 . The other Case is 2:13-cv-01909 in the District or Federal Court in Philadelphia is Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al .

    Using perjury and violation of federal laws , the defense counsel for the banks which have included Bank of America have forced through a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure which was set up by the banks in order to illegally confiscate the inventor’s home . These are allegations by the inventor and the judgment was handed down on August 31 , 2015 . Inventor alleges that this is in retaliation to her standing up for her civil rights and filing complaints against the bank and troublemakers who resented her retirement and her moving into the neighborhood which instigated the entire mess. She alleges they conspired to provide the banks with scandalous and misleading information when the inventor had applied for a refinance back in 2008 .

    Although the Inventor has appealed the action in State Court , she does not know how closing the case in federal court will affect her appeal.At this time , she is also considering appealing in federal court . The federal judge Paul S. Diamond has dismissed the entire federal case which had an overwhelming amount of evidence and exhibits that showed not only were the perpetrators guilty, alleges the inventor but the judges actions have been what are according to judicial rules and canons completely out of the rules of law .