Inventor Hartman's comments January 2016

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There's more to life than skin color ,

Just because I do not support hypocrisy and appeasement does not mean that I am not " Black" . I have had to listen to that criticism being an African-American woman who has been in a field dominated by men and also by other ethnic groups and that field is Science . More so , since I became public about my claims to the Internet - the most prolific invention of the 20th Century. I worked to achieve everything and of course 3 or more times as hard . This criticism even comes from some within my own community because I believe in 'living your dreams and goals instead of talking about them'. African- Americans are not monoliths but we all share the experience of being treated as 2nd class citizens .

What greater platform does a man have than being President of the United States to do something to help the plight of Blacks in this nation - yet President Obama has done nothing to acknowledge my rights as an inventor . To the contrary he worked behind the scenes of the " free-and-open Internet " and " net-neutrality" debate to insure that the big corporations held onto their rights to telecom , ecommerce , and Information technology . These fields and the tremendous economic expansion that arose from them after 1990 can all be traced to the ideas which I shared with the federal government regarding what a significant impact commercializing telecom would have on the economy . Those ideas submitted in writing under the title " The Feasibility of Accessing Accessibility " ushered in the use of Cyberspace by the technology industry and has changed the way the entire world interacts and does business . The Internet is now all over the world and has brought trillions of dollars into the United States economy and provides this adminstration with some of its most used tools surveilance and monitoring .

Yet this President when I went to him about how my intellectual property rights - did absolutely nothing to help me , but worked in favor of corporations . Opening telecom to ordinary consumers to carry out transactions in Cyberspace which is potentially infinite were ideas  that issued in the Digital Revolution. Those ideas came from this inventor. A patent application should never have been necessary . I have never been thanked , awarded , nothing . Not even had an apology extended to me . Instead persecuted and abused. Recently the greatest insult shown to me was the illegal confiscation of my home by a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure ! All of this in written history to the U.S. Attorney General office regarding the discrimination and abuses that I have had to endure while corporations were allowed free rein to loot my intellectual property - primarily through fraud in the United States Patent and Trademark Office .

This President has been in office for 8 years but not until young black people of whom I am extremely proud ( hopefully among them some of the hundreds of lives that I touched in my 24 years of teaching Science ) began the Black Lives Matter movement . In typical politician fashion - then he gets involved . The 18 million dollars that he recently set aside for initiatives for African-American girls is very nice - but a band aid to what could have and should have been done . Yes , my inventions and my rights as an inventor should have been protected . Not only because that is according to the law - but also because of my rights as a human being . But to just allow the kind outright assault on my fourteenth and other constitutional rights with no response has outraged me . The number "13" should stand for the violation of the 13th Amendment that supposedly ended slavery because that is the way that I have been treated in reference to all of my property both intellectual and real property - while this leadership has allowed it . Why ? Property which has been seized from me by prejudicial and racist rulings and given to others without compensation to me . The answer is my intellectual property is worth trillions of dollars and the bigots and elitists do not believe a black , disabled woman even if she did invent the most prolific invention in the world should be paid millions perhaps billions of dollars in compensation .

Although the Internet as created and conceived by this Inventor as this form of the Internet has only existed since 1990 has produced more jobs ,titles , and other inventions than any other invention in history . This President in addition to all of his other giveaways to Wall Street and the corporate world did not think this Black worthy of what is hers by right . I have never had any intention of ruling over the Internet . I am only a person - the Internet is too great for that . However my rights and/ or my contributions should have been acknowleged a long time ago and I should have been compensated appropriately . It is quite possible that had I been shown respect and given the opportunity to participate in my own invention - I may have been instrumental in help saving an economy based on the Internet from unraveling .

Alas , the “Superiors and the Exceptionals know so much more than me about my own invention [ sarcasm for those who did not detect it ] . I never claimed to invent the technology of the Internet . The initial technology for Telecom was done by other inventors and later by technician jobs that were created as a result of the coming of the Industry . However it was my ideas that transformed Telecom making it both visible and accessible to ordinary consumers . I still allege that the federal government used my ideas to commercialize the Internet which is what created the booming economy in the 1990’s ushering in the information technology age . Keeping the economy together and providing jobs and salaries to maintain a decent standard of living would have been most advantageous to African-Americans as they are usually last hired , first fired and given menial jobs . Perhaps I may have been able to contribute ideas on how to keep it together had I had the opportunity to participate . So for those of you with this criticism of me - I am 'Blacker' than you think . My experiences having been born in the rural South can testify to that . It is just that I have lived and practiced what I believe and that is that 'Black is beautiful' and not just talked about it .

As a result I have had to stand on the front lines of the battles against racism and sexism and be persecuted for it - the illegal confiscation of my home being the latest abusive insult ! Whereas it is exceedingly important to stop the epidemic of injury or death to Blacks by law enforcement and the assault on public education , the school to prison pipeline and other indignities suffered by Black people - keep in mind that we are not doing it alone . There are other people who are with us and have been from the time of the Abolishionists. Do not let skin color make a fool out of you and some of us really need to learn to stop segregating ourselves from each other. It is time for a real change in leadership in the country . For the past 30 to 40 years the country has gone backwards on the subject of race .

It is time to look ahead towards leadership that is not necessarily bleeding liberal but realistic and considers and understands that the welfare of the entire country is good for all of its people .Dorothy  M.  Hartman